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10 Piece Chicken Tender


10 Chicken Tenders, Family Fry and gravy, bread, lemon and serrano

Plate's:2 Plates 3 Plates 4 Plates 5 Plates 6 Plates 7 Plates 8 Plates Other
Dipping Sauce:Gravy Ranch Jalapeño Ranch Habanero Sauce
Modifier's:Whole Lemon +$0.50Extra Crispy Pico De Gallo Extra Bread No Bread Extra Serrano Pepper No Serrano Pepper Extra Red Sauce No Red Sauce
Family Meal Add Ons:Add 5 Fish +$9.99Add 10 Shrimp +$13.49Add 6 Jumbo Oysters +$11.99Add Gallon of Tea +$4.29Add 5 Tenders +$9.49Dipping Sauce Extra Gravy +$0.89Dipping Sauce Extra Ranch +$0.25Dipping Sauce Extra Jalapeno Ranch +$0.25Dipping Sauce Extra Habanero +$0.25
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